With 10 days to go until Election Day, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are racing toward Nov. 3.

President Trump voted early at the Palm Beach County Library in West Palm Beach, Florida, Saturday morning as his supporters lined the streets outside holding American flags and Trump signs.

Some Trump supporters were heard shouting, “Four more years!”

The president voted on a paper ballot. After casting his ballot, Trump briefly spoke to reporters, calling it an “honor to be voting in this great area.”

Trump said his vote was “very secure.” Asked who he voted for, the president said, “A guy named Trump.”

The president then headed for Palm Beach International Airport, and quickly departed just before 11 a.m. on Air Force One for a rally in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen dropped off their absentee ballots Friday at a site in Indianapolis. 

The president made the rounds to two predominantly red regions in Florida on Friday — The Villages, a retirement community located north of Orlando, and Pensacola — to kick off a weekend of marathon campaigning.

“To continue our movement, I am going to rely on you. Get out and vote,” Trump told supporters in the Sunshine state during a rally on Friday. “Vote early. Bring your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers. Even grab your boss and say: ‘Come on, boss. You got to vote.’”

More than 54 million Americans have already voted in the 2020 election, reflecting an extraordinary level of participation and interest.

Joe Biden is focusing on Pennsylvania

Joe Biden is holding two drive-in rallies in all-important Pennsylvania on Saturday as he works to shore up support in his native state, AP reported.

The Democratic presidential nominee is a Scranton native. He’s set to campaign in Bucks County, southeast of Allentown, which voted narrowly Democratic in 2016.

Biden also plans a stop in Luzerne County, which went easily Republican four years ago. It’s northwest of Bucks County and close to Scranton.

The former vice president angered some oil industry advocacy groups by suggesting during this week’s presidential debate that the U.S. will have to transition away from fossil fuels eventually if it is going to get serious about climate change.

Biden says that process would be very gradual and that he has a post-coronavirus pandemic economic plan that can create “millions” of new jobs by retrofitting key infrastructure to be more environmentally friendly.

Jon Bon Jovi is set to perform at Biden’s drive-in rally in Luzerne County. His appearance is reminding some of Election Day eve in 2016, when he was part of a huge outdoor concert with the Obamas and then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. That event came mere hours before Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

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