Tucker Carlson has been CNN called out as a “BS ringmaster” for saying that “FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol.” Carlson responded Friday to CNN by calling that network an “arm of the woke national security state.”

Carlson started talking about this idea after a Revolver News piece earlier this week.

Carlson continued Friday and told viewers, “We have an absolute right to know what happened that day [January 6] and the FBI’s role in it.”

He said CNN is criticizing him because they’re “apologists for corrupt federal law enforcement.”

Don Lemon slammed Carlson for pushing another “baseless theory.” Chris Cuomo said it’s another “conspiracy theory” from “hate TV.” John Berman called it an attempt to rewrite the events of that day.

Brianna Keilar in particular called Carlson a “BS ringmaster… breathing air into this false flag conspiracy theory that originated from a right-wing website.”

Carlson laughed as he showed a few of those, and said, “CNN now functions as an arm of the woke national security state.”