According to a Twitter post from U.S. President Donald Trump on November 14, the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian company that sells electronic voting hardware and software and whose voting machines were used in 28 states in the general election, admitted that components of their machines came from communist China. The day before, Trump said in an interview that the 2020 presidential election was the “greatest theft in the history of America.”

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City and a lawyer, confirmed that Dominion’s connection with both communist China and Venezuela. He also indicated that the voting system used in Michigan had a backdoor, which could have allowed human intervention and real-time data manipulation during voting.

Chinese Components in the Voting Machines

On January 9, 2020, Dominion’s founder John Poulos testified in Congress that some components of Dominion’s voting machines were from China. He also acknowledged the security risk associated with some of Dominion’s voting systems as they allow for the transmission of election-night vote counts via modem, a vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers.

After finding that Dominion Voting Systems failed to meet basic security standards, the Texas Secretary of State and Attorney General’s office refused to use the machines in 2013 and twice more in 2019. Experts found serious design flaws with the systems that were prone to fraud during voting.

From Venezuela to the United States

During an interview on November 15, Giuliani provided more information about the Dominion Voting Systems. Initially designed for former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for his re-election, the company and its products have raised serious concerns in the past few years.

The software used in the voting machines came from Smartmatic, a company that supplied voting software for 14 Venezuelan national elections. Unexpected “glitches” were observed in the 2010 and 2013 midterm elections in the Philippines, which also used the Smartmatic software.

Similar situations played out in the American presidential election. “In every one of those [swing] states, we have more than enough illegal ballots already documented to overturn the result in that state,” Giuliani said in the interview, adding that the mail-in ballots were invalid because Republicans hadn’t been allowed to observe the count.

Giuliani also said that the Trump campaign had enough affidavits from witnesses who reported witnessing fraudulent activities to void hundreds of thousands of votes. “We already have enough affidavits from people who were pushed out from being able to observe, so in each one of those states that he lost narrowly, he won those states probably by 2, 3 percent,” he said.

While the Trump campaign is fighting for election integrity, a Venezuelan warned people of the harm of socialism.

“My parents used to tell me about life before socialism, how people in Venezuela weren’t afraid to leave their homes and how we didn’t have problems with food or electricity,” wrote Daniel Di Martino from Venezuela in an article titled “Venezuelan Socialists Come for America” and published on the website of The American Mind in September 2020.

Things changed dramatically as riots and looting broke out in Venezuela. “Now we know from documents and interviews with former military officers who worked with Chavez that he had planned this coup for over a decade. He worked with groups which led the looting in 1989,” wrote Martino. “We also know from a former Venezuelan general that the Cuban regime armed violent protesters during the riots.”

Having witnessed disasters brought about by socialism in Venezuela, Martino is concerned about the situation in the U.S., both in terms of recent socialist movements and the current election. “Americans should heed this warning, because it reveals that, since socialism can only come into America through the ballot box, socialist politicians will try to convince you that America is an evil nation whose problems can only be solved if they’re in control,” he explained. “I ask you to never give up all the good things America has in the name of the few bad things we must get rid of. We can and must protect America every single day.”

Lack of Oversight

Giuliani said he had experiences with vote counting. Usually there are at least two inspectors, one from each political party. In this election, however, inspectors from the Republic Party were excluded in some states. According to state laws, the election results are invalid when the process is defective.

He said there is evidence that 632,000 votes were processed with no Republican inspector around, especially in Philadelphia. In Detroit, about 100,000 votes sent in at 4:30 a.m. were included in the counting. According to four witnesses including a former employee of Dominion, those votes only had Biden’s name, no other information. The only explanation is that people saw Biden falling behind and they only had time to make up these votes with no time to fill out other information.

Giuliani said many ordinary citizens are not aware of this due to information censorship by news media.

Trump Says Election Was “Greatest Theft in the History of America”

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. on November 11 to support Trump, who referred to the recent events as the largest election fraud in U.S. history.

During an interview with New York Post on November 13, Donald Trump said he would not give up. “This election was stolen,” he remarked. “It was a rigged election, 100 percent, and everyone knows it.”

“It’s going to be that I got about 74 million votes, and I lost?” he adds. “It’s not possible.”

He reiterated that Dominion Voting Systems used across the swing states had deep ties with the Democratic Party. The company made a contribution to and worked with the Clinton Family Foundation during the Obama-Biden administration. The Associated Press also confirms that a former top aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the company’s lobbyists.

Trump said this election was “the greatest theft in the history of America.” He tweeted on November 15, “I concede nothing. We will win.” His determination to do what is right for America had long been revealed in a commencement speech.

“The story of America is the story of an adventure that began with deep faith, big dreams, and humble beginnings,” said Trump during a commencement address in May 2017 at Liberty University. “In your hearts are inscribed the values of service, sacrifice, and devotion. Now you must go forth into the world and turn your hopes and dreams into action. America has always been the land of dreams because America is a nation of true believers. When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth they prayed. When the Founders wrote the Declaration of Independence, they invoked our Creator four times, because in America we don’t worship government, we worship God.

“Carry yourself with dignity and pride. Demand the best from yourself and be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures. Does that sound familiar, by the way? The more people tell you it’s not possible, that it can’t be done, the more you should be absolutely determined to prove them wrong. Treat the word ‘impossible’ as nothing more than motivation,” he added, “and as long as America remains true to its values, loyal to its citizens, and devoted to its Creator, then our best days are yet to come. I can promise you that.”