Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message congratulating Joe Biden on Wednesday night, marking Beijing’s formal recognition of “the result”.

Xi said it was in the interests of both countries to promote the healthy and stable development of China-US relations, but also the shared expectations around the world, according to news agency Xinhua.

“We hope both countries uphold the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, focus on cooperation, manage and control conflict, to promote China-US relations towards a healthy and stable path, and advance the noble course of global peace and development jointly with every country and the global community,” Xi said.

Vice-President Wang Qishan also sent congratulations to US vice-president-elect Kamala Harris on Wednesday.

Fu Ying, a former Chinese deputy foreign minister, wrote on Tuesday in The New York Times that it would be “a tragedy of history if two countries of such power moved toward confrontation based on misperceptions”, and said “cooperative competition” was possible between the two nations.

But on the same day, renowned attorney Lin Wood has an illustration about Biden and Xin Jinping relation.

How is Biden and China relation?

Earlier, Lin Wood noted that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attempted to undermine the presidential election to benefit Democratic candidate Joe Biden through the Dominion voting software.

“The American Dream will NEVER be destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party. Our country is at war with Communist China. They attacked us with COVID & DOMINION,” Wood said Nov. 12.

The lawyer said the world is in the midst of “a war of good v. evil.”

“China attacked us with Covid—a biological weapon … Dominion was Communist voting system used to control our election,” he said through Twitter.

Here are some accusations from Lin Wood about Biden and Chinese Communiest Party:

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