An expert on twitter with the name @redpillx2 shared his results on Twitter on how the 2020 election was fixed for Joe Biden.

He said: “People chasing ballots, IMHO, are barking up the wrong tree; this is 2020 not 1980. Messing with paper leaves witnesses and evidence, but messing with computer tabulations can be systemically done and without a trail.”

His analysis shows votes coming from Trump or through the Third Party Candidates and eventually landing in Biden’s pocket.

The data can be seen in the JSON files from the data from the New York Times available all over the web now.

The fraud happened in every state. “It’s every state. Literally every single one. Just to clarify,” he said.

“They didn’t just cheat this election. They needed to cheat it so hard they needed to unplug it at 2am (EST) to catch up,” he added.

Here’s how it happened. Wisconsin is in this example:

“These aren’t VOTE TOTALS these are votes that moved… The totals are in the files most of them are in the millions. So, basically what you are seeing is a ‘difference’ of votes not who ‘won’,” he noted.

In Pennsylvania, another example. This method would be hidden because Big Media didn’t report on Third Party results. In PA 200,000 votes show moving to Biden:

Here’s Georgia:

They really wanted Texas. Maybe this is why they waited so long to call it – to get all their transfers in place? Regardless, over 170,000 votes identified moving to Biden.

In Florida there is evidence they moved 156,000 votes to Biden but he still got crushed.

Here is New Jersey showing 79,000 votes shifted to Biden:

Here’s New York showing 69,000 votes shifted to Biden.

Here are some activity in Washington and others:

“The reason they don’t want to do Thanksgiving or Xmas has nothing to do with the infinitesimally small chance you’ll get COVID. It’s one of the few times you can talk about facts with your friends and families for hours without them moderating,” he tweeted.