Natural immunity is 27 times more effective than Covid vaccine: Report

Israel lowered the age threshold to receive a third coronavirus booster dose to anyone aged 30 and above, as it continues to battle surging infections.

An Israel research reveals that the Delta variant of Covid-19 was 27 times more likely to break through Pfizer vaccine protection than natural immunity.

According to new Israeli research, natural immunity from coronavirus infection provided Israelis with longer-lasting protection against the Delta variant than two shots of the Pfizer vaccine given earlier this year.

The Maccabi Healthcare Service study looked at people who had received two doses of the vaccine or had tested positive for COVID-19 by the end of February.

It looked at 46,035 Maccabi members who contracted the coronavirus at some point during the pandemic, as well as the same number of people who had been double-vaccinated.

Time of Israel reports:

In addition, a sample of 16,215 who were infected during Israel’s third wave in January-February 2021 was compared to an equal number of people vaccinated during that period. The contrast for these two groups was even starker: It showed that Delta had a 27-fold higher chance of breaking through vaccine protection from January and February and causing symptoms than breaking through natural immunity acquired in the same period and causing symptoms.

According to the study, people who received two vaccine shots had a six-fold higher chance of contracting Delta than those who had not been vaccinated but had previously contracted the coronavirus.

There were 748 cases of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections in the two groups, with 640 cases in the vaccinated group and 108 cases in the previously infected group relying solely on natural immunity.

Dr. Robert Malone has the same idea when he tweeted: “Natural immunity is by far stronger than immunity conferred by the Pfizer vaccine.”

But other experts are stressing that the results shouldn’t be interpreted as discouragement from vaccinating.

Immunologist Prof. Cyrille Cohen of Bar Ilan University, who was not involved in the study, told The Times of Israel: “As with other disease, it is much safer to get the vaccine and prevent COVID-19, a disease that puts one at risk of hospitalization, death and long-running after-effects.”

Watch: Natural immunity is 20X more effective than the vaccine

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